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Petition started by Louise Duffy supported by Peter Harper and Justin Duffy

80% of Kiwis value quality of life and want their voice and choices followed in a major medical event or accident.

Advance Care Plans | Directives | Living Wills tell medical teams what you do or don’t want if you can’t say yourself.

Directives can state having all treatment possible to withdrawing care, to be allowed to pass, if criteria are met.

Why is this important for Kiwi’s? Directives allow you to say what future you want – what’s important to you enjoyment of life or living as long as possible?

Petition Purpose

That the House of Representatives implement a national register for standardised medical advance directives and mandate that those directives are followed.

Petition Reason

I believe not following advance directives can lead to untold emotional and physical suffering.


My mum had a directive refusing care should she suffer a serious loss of mental or physical capacity. However, after a stroke her directive was not followed and instead of a medicated death within 10 days, mum was kept alive requiring 24/7 care.


This led her to refuse food and, finally, fluids and she died 58 days later, unmedicated until the last days. I believe her advance care plan should have been followed.



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