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August 2023 a submission is sent to the Select Committee to give a fuller understanding of the current system, what Barbie’s Bill would change and what this would mean for people wanting real choice and control over their care and future.

July 2023 the petition is presented to Parliament by Brooke van Velden of ACT, with the support of David Seymour.  Barbie’s Bill will be considered by the Select Committee sometime in 2024.  The Committee’s schedule appears on the Parliament website as they work through each petition.

February – May 2023 three month media coverage to increase awareness of Directives / Care Plans, the petition and what Barbie’s Bill aims to achieve. 

July – December 2022 Barbie’s daughter, Louise – with input from a lawyer, doctor and nurse – pulls Barbie’s Bill together to create standardised Directive forms in everyday language that include all care options (including withdrawing care), a central database so medical teams have access to forms anywhere, anytime and lastly, legislative backing to make sure people’s wishes are followed.